This year's Oxted Pram Race is on Sunday 30th June 2024. Pram registration 2:30pm. Race starts 3:30pm.

Pram Race 2023 winners

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Pram Race 2023 winners

  1. Mixed Fastest Pram – Groovy Baby – 09:03
  2. Youth Fastest Pram – Warlingham RFC Academy Blue Team – 09:06
  3. Male Fastest Pram – Rude Paul’s Drag Race – 10:23
  4. Female Fastest Pram – Solstice Sisters – 21:25
  5. Best Pram – The Jolly Morris
  6. Best Kids Fancy Dress – Super Mario Bomb Squad
  7. Best Adult Fancy Dress – Oxted Heathens

2023 Pram Race Results

TeamTeam NameRace CategoryStart TimeThemeEnter finish timetotal time Winners
2KnightsSpecial Ops15:01:00Knights15:09:5200:08:52
1Groovy BabyMixed (18+)15:00:00Austin Powers15:09:0300:09:03Mixed Fastest Pram
4Warlingham RFC Academy Blue TeamYouths15:03:00Warlingham Rugby kit15:12:0600:09:06Youth Fastest Pram
3Rude Paul's Drag RaceADULT/MALE (18+)15:02:00Drag Queens15:12:2300:10:23Male Fastest Pram
24The Jolly MorrisMixed15:23:00Pirates15:36:3700:13:37Best Pram
13Super Mario Bomb SquadMixed15:12:00Super Mario and friends/enemies15:26:0300:14:03Best Kids Fancy Dress 
8Surrey HoffsMixed15:07:00Lifeguards15:21:2300:14:23
19Wildcard Ruck 'n Bruise BrigadeADULT/MALE (18+)15:18:00 Doctors and patient15:32:2400:14:24
17Days Garage Mixed15:16:00Mechanics15:30:4000:14:40
7You Wouldn't Download a PramADULT/MALE (18+)15:06:00Pirates15:20:5400:14:54
21East Surrey Dial a RideADULT/MALE (18+)15:20:00Dial a ride drivers15:35:0600:15:06
18Days Garage (Powered by Warlingham RFC academy)Youths15:17:00015:32:2300:15:23
26JDM JuniorsYouths15:25:00015:41:0700:16:07
12The KrackensYouths15:11:00Pirates15:27:1000:16:10
25The Premiership Youths15:24:00Football15:40:1200:16:12
22Super Mario BrosADULT/FEMALE (18+)15:21:00Mario Kart15:38:5000:17:50
23The Star War's BoysYouths15:22:00Star Wars15:40:1100:18:11
5Team ItteQADULT/MALE (18+)15:04:00Traditional Japanese festival15:23:4900:19:49
27Go Fast or Go HomeADULT/MALE (18+)15:26:00015:46:0100:20:01
16Get DuffedADULT/MALE (18+)15:15:00Duff Man15:35:4300:20:43
10Solstice SistersADULT/FEMALE (18+)15:09:00Summer Solstice15:30:2500:21:25Female Fastest Pram
15Oxted heathensADULT/MALE (18+)15:14:00Vikings15:35:2500:21:25Best Adult Fancy Dress
11Mad Max: Beyond MotorhomeADULT/MALE (18+)15:10:00Mad Max 15:33:0300:23:03
20The Worzel Wurzels ADULT/FEMALE (18+)15:19:00Scarecrows15:43:2500:24:25
9Beach GirlsMixed15:08:00Beach15:32:4800:24:48
6Mighty DucksMixed15:05:00015:34:1300:29:13
14Just Stop ProtestingADULT/MALE (18+)15:13:00Just Stop Oil15:43:3300:30:33
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