Race Date : SUNDAY 30th JUNE 2019 AT 3pm.

Pram Race 2018 full score sheet

A Message From The Chairman.

Mission Accomplished!
Twelve months ago, myself and Mike set ourselves a goal of not only saving the Pram Race from extinction – but to also enhance the number of entrants in every category. All whilst acknowledging its heritage as an adults soapbox race / pub crawl, however focusing on what we see as the key to its future success – as a great family event.
Now whilst we knew we could rely upon the many beer hungry dads to step up, none of us expected the incredible increase in child numbers. At 105, they actually outnumbered the male contestants! A true sign that the next generation is secured, as is the events future.
“So where is there room improvement??”, I hear you ask; Ladies, it’s your time to step up. With only one all ladies team (who did a fantastic job), there is certainly room for a little competition.
As successful as it was, we cannot claim that it was all down to us. As one thing that we have learnt from the experience, is that there is a tremendous amount of volunteers required, without which the event simply would not be possible. Therefore, the two of us would like to extend a massive thank you on behalf of those that took part, to all of those that helped out, new and existing. Same again next year please!!
That leaves the runners and riders, a key ingredient as without the participation of such willing victims, it’d be a pretty dull experience. You didn’t fail to impress, with the level of effort going into the many ‘Prams/Crafts’ surpassing years gone by. Whilst the awards recognised the worthy winners, we wish to congratulate all of you and look forward to seeing next years efforts;
• Four teams next year Poona?
• Will it actually fit under the tunnel next time, team Up?
• Is it time for a dress again, Mr Chairman?
• How many in your team, Mr Felsted?
• Are we really gonna let the Boys from Bromley win for a fifth year in a row!!!!
All that aside, there is one important issue that needs to be aired. As whilst the event presents a great day out for us all, it is important that we do not forget about the charities that it supports. As whilst we witnessed a considerable increase in the number of entrants, all combined with some innovative way of raising money (team Hudson). The total raised didn’t increase accordingly. Next year, this needs to be a key focus area for us all!
To provide an insight into where all the hard earned money goes and the many people that it helps, myself and Mike took the opportunity to visit a selection of the beneficiaries. Presenting the cheques in person, providing a great photo opportunity for both parties – photos can be seen on this website.
So all that leave me to say is a thank you to you all, as if you’re reading this you clearly had a role to play in the making the Pram Race 2018 ‘The Happening’, the BEST since it’s move to Sunday’s (sorry RK).

-Richard Newland

Oxted Rotary Pram Race

The Pram Race has been run since 1977. The ultimate objective of the Pram Race is to raise money for local causes, whilst having fun in the process. Participating in the event is quite simple – all you have to pay is an entry fee and ask family and friends to sponsor you to run the two thirds of a mile from Master Park to The Bell in Old Oxted High Street, however…
…you do need to push a pram in fancy dress and stop at each of the seven licensed premises on the way, where you have to down a drink as fast as you can! There are prizes as well as penalties for how well you do.

It’s a lovely family day for contestants and spectators, with the fun starting on Master Park and finishing up in the Pubs of Old Oxted High Street.

If pushing a pram is not your thing – why not get involved by helping on the day?

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After watching on the side lines for a number of years, I finally got around to entering a pram 3 years ago and have never looked back. We have entered every year since. One of the most fun events in Oxted every summer