Race Date : SUNDAY 1st JULY 2018 AT 3pm.

Pram Race 2018 full score sheet

A message from our Chairman

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard Knight, for all his hard work over the last 7 years. As Richard, the Committee and a huge team of volunteers have helped to turn the pram race into a legendary family event. One that created a record £6,000.00 in 2017, supporting a number of local charities and beneficiaries. Thank you Oxted for your generosity, let’s exceed expectations in 2018. 
As myself and Mike Brundle assume responsibility for the Pram Race, we hope to increase interest in the event via greater support from local businesses, the community and of course the local pubs, whilst enhancing its appeal to the whole family. Now whilst we have a number of new ideas, 2018’s race will follow a familiar theme with a focus on increasing the number of entries, whilst encouraging more women and children to step up.  
So, spread the word and get those creative juices flowing. As it’s time to support your community, whilst losing a little dignity! 
If racing isn’t for you, then join the crowd along the route and give those entrants a real soaking as they run past.
More details to follow and we look forward to seeing you on the start line on the 1st July 2018. 

-Richard Newland

Oxted Rotary Pram Race

The Pram Race has been run since 1977. The ultimate objective of the Pram Race is to raise money for local causes, whilst having fun in the process. Participating in the event is quite simple – all you have to pay is an entry fee and ask family and friends to sponsor you to run the two thirds of a mile from Master Park to The Bell in Old Oxted High Street, however…
…you do need to push a pram in fancy dress and stop at each of the seven licensed premises on the way, where you have to down a drink as fast as you can! There are prizes as well as penalties for how well you do.

It’s a lovely family day for contestants and spectators, with the fun starting on Master Park and finishing up in the Pubs of Old Oxted High Street.

If pushing a pram is not your thing – why not get involved by helping on the day?

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After watching on the side lines for a number of years, I finally got around to entering a pram 3 years ago and have never looked back. We have entered every year since. One of the most fun events in Oxted every summer